Toolkit: Leading in Times of Uncertainty

Strategic Planning

ILE Strategy – A Toolkit for Social Impact Leaders


Are you a leader navigating new challenges? Perhaps our strategy toolkit can help. Drawing on a range of planning frameworks this toolkit includes templates and frameworks to facilitate effective communication and planning with your team as you:

-Assess external issues influencing your organization
-Revisit and restructure your strategic plan
-Assign roles for action planning
-Evaluate internal processes
-Prioritize incremental process change
Report process improvement outcomes.

Download the toolkit as a Powerpoint (editable/fillable) or as a

It just so happens as we were uploading this toolkit we came across a publication by Sequoia Capital on the 4Cs of Leadership in Uncertain Times, targeting their startup grantees. Use this as inspiration or as a set of core values as you work through planning exercises with your team.

“These are the 4 C’s of leadership in uncertain times: ○As you communicate with your teams, you need to remember that especially in times like this, you have a megaphone in front of you. What you say is amplified. ○You need to deliver your message with conviction. ○You need confidence but also a sense of calmness. You must be optimistic, but also a realist.”

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